Dogsled Country

Dogsled Country – 11″ x 14″ Pencil Drawing on Premium paper

Always wanted to do a scene of the country with a team of dogs pulling a sled. Tried several new techniques on this one and have found that an eraser is almost as good as the pencil to get interesting shading results for the sky and rough snow. Hope you enjoy, this has been a rough sketch and kept the dogs in simple form so as not to take away from the background. The dogs could be cleaner and more detailed, but again on this one I like the rustic and rough look. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. Enjoy

Eagle Eye Vision

fa1e7-eagle¬†Eagle Eye Vision – 11″x14″ Pencil on premium paper

This was a study of the reflection in the eye of an eagle. I think I captured the serious tone the eagle is displaying as he is overlooking his hunting area. As birds of prey often display a very intense look in their eyes, they serve as the most important aspect to its survival. The edges of this work were too large for my scanner so clipping did occur. I will try and get a photo displaying the whole piece as soon as I can.

Strength, Spirituality, and Wisdom

Strength, Spirituality, and Wisdom- 8″ x 10″ Drawing on parchment paper

Give me the strength to conquer my enemies, the spirituality to reasure me what is right, and the wisdom to know when to use each. A warrior, shaman/medicine man, and a chief are atop their horses overlooking an empty plain, the great emptiness. Perhaps a glimpse into the distant future or a reflection of our past, you decide.