Hunting Party

4a747-travishorseridingsmHunting Party – 11 x 14 Pencil drawing on premium paper

This is similar to Strength Spirituality and Wisdom, posted a few months back. This was more of a study in depth, as the background was blurred using a charcoal technique of smudging. I hope you enjoy this piece, as much as I have in creating it.


Strength, Spirituality, and Wisdom

Strength, Spirituality, and Wisdom- 8″ x 10″ Drawing on parchment paper

Give me the strength to conquer my enemies, the spirituality to reasure me what is right, and the wisdom to know when to use each. A warrior, shaman/medicine man, and a chief are atop their horses overlooking an empty plain, the great emptiness. Perhaps a glimpse into the distant future or a reflection of our past, you decide.